Haven’t checked out the bulk aisle lately?

What you will find might surprise you.

Strolling down the bulk food aisle at the grocery store can be an adventure in itself. With everything from almonds to yellow sprinkles, there are plenty of new and unique products to discover! Below is a list of popular items that are easily found in bulk stores and aisles.


The South American ancient grain, quinoa, has enjoyed a lot of popularity and press over the last several years, due to its great nutritional value. Very high in protein and other nutrients, this grain makes a delicious side dish alternative to rice and potatoes that is easy to prepare. Pricey when sold in retail packaged form, many people turn to the bulk food aisle to buy this product, keeping their stomachs and their wallets full.

Flavored Noodles

True, people have been eating egg noodles and pasta for as long as they can remember. But have you ever heard of tomato basil noodles? What about pesto noodles? Have you ever substituted spelt noodles in your recipe for a healthier dish? A wide variety of flavorful (and healthy!) noodles can be found in bulk. Not only will these noodle varieties add flavor to your meals, but they are a way to put extra nutritional value into your dishes with little to no effort.

Goji Berries

An exotic yet popular dried fruit, Goji berries have been highly sought for use in snack mixes and as a topping for cereals, yogurt and even ice cream. The large list of health benefits these berries are thought to have are what makes this exotic fruit such a hot item.

Snack Mixes

Many of us have had the pleasure of eating ordinary trail mixes. But have you ever tried a mix made up of raisins, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate pieces that tastes exactly like a banana split? What about a mix that includes wasabi peanuts? How about a mix made solely for kids with bite sized cookies, crackers and pretzels? You’ll find a wide variety of snack mixes in the bulk aisle to suit the tastes of every member of your family.

Gummy Shapes

Move over gummy bears! Make room for the rest of the creepy, crawly, sea-swimming, cuddly, cute animals that call the bulk aisle their home. Gummy butterflies, penguins, whales, worms, frogs, dinosaurs, fish, monkeys and sharks are just some of the gummy shapes you’ll find in the bulk food aisle.


Salt and pepper aren’t the only things you’ll find to spice up your dinners. Pickling spice, numerous grades of cinnamon, diced dried tomatoes, meat seasonings and rubs, jerky cures and honey mustard aren’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety of seasoning spices and blends that are available to you in the bulk aisle.

Do-It-Yourself Mixes

Make homemade soups and side dishes with ease using the wide variety of mixes you’ll find in the bulk aisle. Chicken noodle soup, red beet eggs, potato salad, ranch dip and dressing are just the beginning of the delicious dishes you can make with these do-it-yourself mixes. Follow the basic instructions, or add your own twist with fresh vegetables, meats and spices.