Five Bulk Food Items Worth the Splurge

These higher priced items are worth spending your hard earned dollars.

Put down those overpriced, sodium-filled microwave dinners and listen up! Make better use of your money by adding some of the following “splurge” items to your cart and leave your guilt behind you on the shelf.

Splurge #1: High Quality Nuts

When looking at purchases in terms of dollars, it’s easy to grab a $2.00 bag of potato chips in place of a $4.00 canister of peanuts. But the bargain price is the only advantage those potato chips have. High quality nuts are not only great for snacking, but provide many essential vitamins and minerals and also leave you feeling fuller for longer. Nuts can be used for snacks, as a topping in salads, on desserts and in various mixes. Pick your favorite nut (such as cashews, almonds or pistachios) or pick up a bag of mixed nuts for a snack well-worth the price.

Splurge #2: Homemade Flavored Noodles

With families constantly on the go, who has extra time to spend in the kitchen rolling out dough for homemade noodles? Really? Would most of us even know how? Probably not, which makes splurging on homemade flavored noodles a very worthy and reasonable splurge. With a large variety of flavors, these noodles will help you make delicious pasta dinners that have added nutritional benefits too! Try spinach, spelt or tomato basil noodles to get started.

Splurge #3: Soup Mixes

These versatile dry mixes beat canned for lots of reasons. First, dry mixes are much lower in sodium than canned soup, so you can control your intake based on your dietary needs. Second, dried soup mixes give experimental cooks the option of experimenting with additional ingredients like meats, beans or fresh herbs and vegetables. Lastly, dried mixes can be used as ingredients in other dishes, making them a versatile pantry staple. Add them as an ingredient to your favorite casserole or stew.

Splurge #4: High Quality Chocolates

When baking or making candy, quality ingredients are the way to go. The fruits of your labor will turn out tasting sweet and delicious thanks to your choice of chocolate. Same goes for snacking. If you’re looking to nibble on a piece of chocolate, quality dark chocolates are one of the best choices you can make to satisfy your sweet tooth without over indulging. Enjoy a few squares of dark chocolate a day to calm your cravings and keep your diet on the right track.

Splurge #5: Snack Mixes

With endless combinations of ingredients including nuts, dried fruits, seeds and even chocolate, splurging on snack mixes will help you get a satisfying snack with the bonus of added nutritional benefits. These mixes are great for eating on the go, which makes them a perfect choice for lunches, vacations, road trips and even pre-workout energy boosters.

On your next shopping adventure be sure to check out the bulk food aisle for items you might not have considered before. Quality, versatility and great taste make these products splurges you’ll be happy to indulge!